Road Trip with the Best Man by Sophie Pembroke

Road trip with the best man coverSummary

From the back of Road Trip with the Best Man:

A jilted bride, a best man…
And a journey that will change their lives!

With her dream wedding in tatters, Dawn Featherington resolves to track down her errant groom and demand answers. But not trusting her intentions, billionaire best man Cooper Edwards refuses to let her go alone. But with each passing mile, Cooper begins to realise they could be on the road to happy-ever-after!

My thoughts

Road Trip with the Best Man is, of course about a road trip. I love road trips. I haven’t taken enough road trips in my life, and now that I have children, it’ll be a while before I will embark on another one. But the road trip that reminded me most of the road trip Dawn embarks on in Road Trip with the Best Man is one I took with my husband across Canada. We drove from Toronto to British Columbia and it was amazing to see the landscape change as we drove further and further west.

Unlike Dawn, I undertook the road trip with someone who loved me (and vice versa). Dawn and Cooper are not exactly best buddies when the book starts, which isn’t helped with the fact that Cooper has got the wrong picture of Dawn.

Cooper is Dawn’s ex-fiance’s brother. Her fiance has left her at the altar and she is determined to drive across America to get answers from him. Cooper comes along because she has commandeered his car, and also because he wants to prevent Dawn from doing anything stupid. He doesn’t really have a high opinion of Dawn, but that is only based on what his brother Justin has told him about Dawn in a short letter explaining why he can’t marry Dawn.

At first I didn’t get how this could be an enemies-to-lovers book. After all, Dawn was devastated that Justin had left her. If she loved him so much, how could she fall for his brother in the time it took them to drive across America?

I won’t give away any spoilers, but obviously they do fall in love, and it’s in a very credible way. I found Dawn quite relatable. I love a forced-proximity romance, so a road trip is perfect for that. And it’s so much fun to see where they stop and what they go and see. It’s true that you encounter some bizarre, hilarious and also moving sights when you drive across a country as large as America (or Canada in my case).

Road Trip with the Best Man was a really enjoyable book. I loved how Cooper and Dawn grew closer, and even though I had seen the twist at the end coming a mile away, that didn’t reduce my enjoyment of the book or its ending. I can heartily recommend this book.

Road Trip with the Best Man is available on Amazon for £2.49.

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