A Puppy and a Christmas Proposal by Louisa George

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From the back of A Puppy and a Christmas Proposal:

Her ex-fiancé…
…is giving her paws for thought!

Alex Norton devastated Beth Masters when he told her he could no longer marry her. The last thing she wants this Christmas is to come face-to-face with him, clutching an adorable puppy! Warm-hearted vet Beth can’t say no to a four-legged patient in need but she’ll need to guard her damaged heart from delicious doc Alex. Which becomes impossible when he finally reveals the reason why he left…

My thoughts

I downloaded A Puppy and a Christmas Proposal well before Christmas with the full intention to read it in the Christmas period. It was the perfect book for that. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I didn’t get to read it until February. However, that was no problem.

Although A Puppy and a Christmas Proposal takes place around Christmas, the time of year could have been any time in winter. Christmas doesn’t have a very big place in the book. Which is fine for me; I’m not a huge lover of Christmas romances. And it’s nice that you can read this book at any time in the year without feeling weird about it (or am I the only one feeling weird reading Christmas books in the summer?).

Louisa George is really good at creating believable, three-dimensional characters. Often I find that romances invent conflict between hero and heroine – conflict that doesn’t really have to be there except for the fact that this is a romance and we can’t have the main characters fall in love too soon. Louisa George doesn’t fall into that trap. Her characters have a genuine reason for why they aren’t together at the moment.

What I love about A Puppy and a Chrismas Proposal – among many things – is that Alex had a good reason for leaving Beth in the past. Like Beth, I didn’t agree with him, but it does make sense to him as a character. He has a good backstory and as a reader, you can understand where he’s coming from, even if you don’t totally agree with him.

Likewise, Beth has a good reason not to trust Alex and to be mad at him for leaving her. I really liked Beth’s character. She’s a strong woman, but not too strong for love. The happy ending was very satisfying.

And I can’t finish my review of this book without mentioning the puppy. I didn’t care for the argument about his name, but the puppy was so cute. I like how Louisa George chose a puppy to force the main characters to bond. I also liked the mini subplot with the old man and his dogs, that was well done. Overall, this was a really lovely book and I can heartily recommend it!

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